Moving Data Over Wireless

Enterprise-grade solutions that convert traditional analog landlines to IP

Leader in POTS Line Replacement

Convert your Analog Infrastructure to IP

The DataRemote Suite of products are enterprise-grade Cellular Routers and IP appliances that offer a direct replacement for wireless POTS lines, supporting transmission of FAX, fire panel, burglar alarm, analog modem data, and more, with full E-911 access. With comprehensive engineering and sales support, top-tier service, and cutting-edge hardware, all your business needs can be solved.

Experts in Cellular Technology

Empowering Your Business Connections with Cutting-Edge Technology

This solution, certified by three major carriers, leverages IP communications, including cellular data networks, to direct PSTN traffic. It facilitates both call origination and completion using advanced protocols.

Software / Managed solutions

ara Device Management Platform

DataRemote ara’s efficient, accurate, and highly available systems guarantee provisioning efficiency. Reduce the number of truck-rolls and mean time to repair, ara tools make better-informed technicians. The API and Live notifications feature allow proactive monitoring and troubleshooting.


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Security & Privacy

Our company firmly embraces the ethical duty of privacy, ensuring all operations are conducted with the utmost responsibility. We commit to ensuring security and peace of mind, implementing rigorous data protection practices and following recognized industry standards.


Through several iterations of devices, we have led the way in POTS line replacement. Following the FCC’s 2019 Forbearance, which permitted the phasing out of copper lines, consumers had to choose: completely overhaul their infrastructure or adopt a solution that bridges the gap between Analog service and IP.


The core of our company is defined by an unshakeable dedication to our customers, combined with a dynamic adaptability that keeps us continuously evolving. Our commitment is further enhanced by our innovative approach, constantly pushing us to grow and adapt in new and exciting ways.