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Convert your analog POTS lines to IP with support for FAX, fire panel, burglar alarm, analog modem data, ring-down, voice & emergency lines, with full access to E-911.
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POTS Replacement at an Enterprise Scale

DataRemote offers enterprise-grade cellular routers and IP appliances that provide a direct replacement for wireless POTS lines. These products support the transmission of fax, fire panels, burglar alarms, analog modem data, and more, while also ensuring full E-911 access. With comprehensive engineering and sales support, top-tier service, and cutting-edge hardware, all your business needs can be met with our leading POTS Line Replacement Solution.


5G Cellular Internet Backup


Location Services


Battery Backup


UPS Backup

Supporting All Your POTS Replacement Needs

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Modem Data

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Introducing the 90X1

5G POTS Replacement Solution

With its Cellular/WAN Wired Router capabilities, automated internet failover, integrated battery backup, and UPS power output, the 90X1 POTS replacement solution ensures all critical equipment previously connected or dependent on the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) can communicate seamlessly via the integrated ATA/MFVN with enhanced line support for Machine to Machine (M2M), analog wireline in-band voice, FAX, alarm signals, etc.

Ara Device Management

Simplify Device Management

Ara is a Device Management Platform, custom-designed for the provisioning, management, and troubleshooting of all DataRemote devices. It offers robust support and configuration features specifically tailored to DataRemote’s products.

DataRemote Ara Device Management Platform for POTS Line Replacement Devices

Why Choose DataRemote?

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Through several iterations of devices, we have become the leader in POTS line replacement. Following the FCC’s 2019 Forbearance, which permitted the phasing out of copper lines, consumers had to either completely overhaul their infrastructure or adopt a solution that bridges the gap between analog service and IP.

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Security & Privacy

Our company firmly embraces the ethical duty of privacy, ensuring all operations are conducted with the utmost responsibility. We commit to ensuring security and peace of mind, implementing rigorous data protection practices, and following recognized industry standards.

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The core of our company is defined by an unshakeable dedication to our customers, combined with a dynamic adaptability that keeps us continuously evolving. Our commitment is further enhanced by our innovative approach, constantly pushing us to grow and adapt in new and exciting ways.

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Industry Today: Digitizing Telecoms For The Future

As industries rely heavily on telecoms, digitizing old telephone lines is a business imperative for manufacturing, retail and transport. DataRemote’s POTS IN A BOX® enables businesses to replace outdated copper-line networks without costly infrastructure upgrades.

The 90X1 Certified on ALL Major Carriers:  Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile

DataRemote’s 90X1 series, also known as POTS IN A BOX®, has earned certification from leading telecommunications giants Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile. This certification underscores the device’s reliability and performance, ensuring seamless integration and operation across major cellular networks.

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DataRemote Congratulates AT&T on their FirstNet Award!

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FCC Forbearance

FCC Order 10-72A1 mandates that all copper phone lines be converted to a POTS replacement service by August 2, 2022

On August 2, 2019, the FCC issued order number 19-72A1 removing the requirement for LEC’s (Local Exchange Carriers) to maintain the copper TDM lines. This Order puts an aggressive upward pressure on pricing for all copper lines.

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