The 90X1 Device provides flexible connectivity options to cater to diverse communication needs. With its 5G/Cellular/WAN Wired Router capabilties, automated internet failover, integrated battery backup, and UPS power output capabilities, this device ensures all critical equipment previously connected or dependent on the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) can communicate seamlessly via the integrated ATA/MFVN with enhanced line support.

The 90X1’s integrated ATA/MFVN enhanced line features support Machine to Machine (M2M), analog wireline in-band voice, FAX, alarm signals, etc.

DataRemote’s innovative solution delivers an always-on experience even during power or internet outages providing unmatched reliability no matter the conditions.

Key Features & Benefits

Telephone with solid fill

Voice Lines

VoIP module certified on key VoIP platforms for interoperability

Printer with solid fill

Enhanced Lines

DataRemote proprietary analog POTS replacement technology

High voltage with solid fill

UPS Backup

Provides power from battery to external device 

Marker with solid fill

Location Services

GNSS and cellular triangulation to provide advanced location services

Battery charging with solid fill

24-48 Hour Battery

18-cell lithium battery for extended operation without A/C power

Wireless with solid fill

Cellular Internet Backup

5G cellular failover for resilient internet connectivity

Ui Ux with solid fill

Device Management Portal

ara device management UI and API for system integration

House with solid fill

Full In-House Development

Proprietary software for improved agility and product quality