Radio over Cellular directly replaces wireline control circuitry for transmission of Two Way Radio traffic. Intended as a backup or to replace microwave, T1 wireline and other private line links. Either as primary or failover with or without dual carrier capability. This product can be used to connect public service, utility or other organizations involved in operating a mission critical two-way mobile radio systems for dispatching mobile units. Typically, operators of such systems would be Police, Fire, Search and Rescue, Utility and other first responder organizations. In addition, any fleet operator or organization that dispatched remote mobile units would be a candidate for this solution.

Features and Benefits

• Interfaces legacy equipment to minimize stranded investments for telemetry users.
• Supports multiple protocols used in various radio control systems including Harris,
• Supports telemetry and other services requiring 2 or 4 wire connectivity.
• Drop in replacement to substitute Cellular for wireline
• Dual carrier options provide additional failover capability
• Can be used with multiple CalAmp hardware platforms
• Will support Primary operation or as automatic failover for secondary operation.