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POTS Line Replacement

Key Features & Benefits

Enterprise-grade cellular routers and IP appliances designed to seamlessly replace wireless POTS lines. Each device within the POTS IN A BOX® series ensures a comprehensive, cost-effective solution with simple, plug-and-play installation


FAX, Alarm, Analog Data, & Voice

POTS IN A BOX ® works with legacy infrastructure, allowing you to move to a much lower-cost, more reliable, and future-proof technology while providing full E911 access.


Enterprise Device Management

DataRemote’s Ara provides real-time device access, robust API features, live notifications, and advanced security features to streamline device management, provisioning, and troubleshooting.


The failover system mechanism is used to increase the reliability and availability of IT resources by using established clustering technology to provide redundant communication.

High Speed Internet Access

This Router enables your company to access a high-speed Internet connection in your workplace. The router functions as a hub through which Internet signals flow.

Dual SIM Failover

It has all the usual keep-alive features to ensure the router stays connected.


Analog Data Support

Still using legacy technology? You can now convert from Analog to Digital VoIP.

Battery Backup Protection

Backup Power allows you to work through power outages and protects your data transfer.


Auto-Dial Call Boxes

Auto-Dial initiates a call automatically when the handset is picked up.

Supporting All Your POTS Replacement Needs

Realtime Notification


Realtime Notification


Fire Alarm POTS Replacement Icon


Realtime Notification

Modem Data

Realtime Notification


Realtime Notification

Point of Sale

Realtime Notification


Realtime Notification

Emergency Call Box

Realtime Notification


Realtime Notification

Security Gate

Realtime Notification

Security Gate

90X1 5G Cellular POTS Line Replacement Solution


Instant 5G Cellular Failover and Built-in Battery Backup

The 90X1 device provides flexible connectivity options to cater to diverse communication needs. With its 5G/Cellular/WAN wired router capabilities, automated internet failure, integrated battery backup, and UPS power output capabilities, this device ensures all critical equipment previously connected or dependent on the Public Switched Telephone Network (PTSN) can communicate seamlessly via the integrated ATA/MFVN with enhanced line support.

90X1 5G Cellular POTS Line Replacement Solution


POTS Line Replacement & Cellular Backup

The CDS-9090 solution facilitates the transmission of multiple signal types—including analog wire-line in-band voice, machine-to-machine (M2M) data, DTMF signaling tones, analog data modem tones, fax, and alarm system signals—over flexible combinations of WAN, LAN, and LTE cellular data networks. Enhanced reliability during local power outages is ensured by an internal battery capable of lasting up to 12 hours. The system also includes support for local E-911 services

90X1 5G Cellular POTS Line Replacement Solution


POTS Line Replacement and Cellular Failover

The CDS-9010 offers a versatile and cost-efficient communications solution for replacing POTS lines. It supports the integration of traditional functions such as analog voice, machine-to-machine (M2M) data, DTMF tones, modem signals, fax, and alarm signals.

FCC Forbearance

FCC Order 10-72A1 mandates that all POTS Lines in the USA be replaced with an alternative service by August 2, 2022.

On August 2, 2019, the FCC issued order number 19-72A1 removing the requirement for LEC’s (Local Exchange Carriers) to maintain the copper TDM lines. This Order puts an aggressive upward pressure on pricing for all copper lines. 

Replace Your Analog POTS Lines with IP

The traditional PSTN phase-out brings significant challenges, including reduced functionality and high modernization costs. POTS IN A BOX® offers a cost-effective, seamless solution by serving as a carrier-provided Network Terminal Adapter and Gateway for MFVN Networks, enabling businesses to replace outdated copper-line networks without costly infrastructure upgrades.

Monthly Cost Savings up to 50%

Protect Your Infrastructure

Streamlined Communications

Future-Proofed Technology
Plug & Play Implementation

Fully Programmable for Any Use Case

Cellular Battery Backup

Extended Life of Existing Assets

Nationwide Coverage

Improved Reliability

Mass Management of Devices

Network Visibility & Reporting

POTS IN A BOX® Business Impacts

Ara Device Management

Ara is a Device Management Platform, custom-designed for the provisioning, management, and troubleshooting of all DataRemote devices. It offers robust support and configuration features tailored to DataRemote’s products.
DataRemote Ara Device Management Platform for POTS Line Replacement Devices

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