LTE POTS Replacement Solution

The POTS IN A BOX® CDS-9090 Cellular/WAN/Band 14 appliance permits connected devices to directly replace wireline analog Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS) lines and provide multiple choices of access and connectivity.

Key Features & Benefits

The POTS IN A BOX® CDS-9090 Cellular/Wi-Fi/PSTN/ Band 14 capable POTS replacement solution enables multiple combinations of legacy analog wire-line in-band Voice, Machine to Machine (M2M) Data, DTMF tones, analog data modem tones, FAX and Alarm system signals (all previously connected to the Public Switched Telephone Network [PSTN]), to be carried over flexible combinations of WAN/LAN/LTE Cellular Data Network and Band 14.


Voice Lines

VoIP module certified on key VoIP platforms for interoperability


Enhanced Lines

DataRemote proprietary analog POTS replacement technology


Cellular Internet Backup

LTE cellular failover for resilient internet connectivity


12 Hour Battery

Lithium battery for extended operation without A/C power


Device Management Portal

Ara device management UI and API for system integration


Full In-House Development

Proprietary software for improved agility and product quality

Ara Device Management

Ara is a Device Management Platform, custom-designed for the provisioning, management, and troubleshooting of all DataRemote’s LTE/5G POTS replacement devices. It offers robust support and configuration features tailored to DataRemote’s products.

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