The POTS IN A BOX ® CDS-9090 Cellular/Wi-Fi/PSTN/ Band 14 capable communications solution enables multiple combinations of legacy analog wire-line in-band Voice, Machine to Machine (M2M) Data, DTMF tones, analog data modem tones, FAX and Alarm system signals (all previously connected to the Public Switched Telephone Network [PSTN]), to be carried over flexible combinations of WAN/LAN/LTE Cellular Data Network and Band 14.

Features & Capabilities

✔ 8 RJ-11 FXS Ports with Enhanced Line Support
✔ 1 RJ-45 WAN Port
✔ 4 RJ-45 LAN Ports
✔ LTE with Dual SIM

✔ Wi-Fi 5
✔ SFP Port
✔ Internal Battery Backup (up to 12 hours)
✔ Internet & Power Failover

Cellular Backup Router

This innovative solution primarily uses the Cellular Data Network, along with a firewalled Network Operating Center (NOC) to route Cellular data received to or from the PSTN to enable call origination and completion to occur using various methods, including VoIP over Cellular Data channels.

The CDS-9090 Cellular/WAN/Band 14 appliance, when optioned, permits connected devices to directly replace wireline analog Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS) lines and provide for multiple choices of access and connectivity.

Any application functionality that requires a traditional wireline or dial tone-based circuit may utilize the POTS IN A BOX® CDS-9090 for connectivity. Transmission options include both Cellular Data channels and other alternative internet access pathways. This provides true failover and diverse routing for calls. Advanced optional capability provides Band 14 transmission access. Additional reliability in local power outage situations is provided by an internal 12-hour capable battery. System also includes support for local E-911 services.