Enjoy instant 5G Cellular failover and built-in battery backup

The DataRemote 90X1 continues to function even during fixed line and power outages.

When severe weather or similar emergencies hit, it’s all too often that the internet – and sometimes also the power – goes down, bringing business to a stop.

The DataRemote 90X1 is the solution to stormproof your internet connection.

The 90X1 is a powerhouse business-grade router packed with features to ensure that your organization and your employees stay online when your fixed-line internet and even the power goes down. Stormproof your internet connection with the DataRemote 90X1. Here’s what you need to know.

Flexibility During Fiber Failures

Keep your devices and employees connected during fiber outages with seamless cellular failover.

During hurricanes and similar emergencies, it is common for fixed-line internet services to experience outages. The DataRemote 90X1 ensures that your internet – and your business – remain connected to the internet and operational thanks to its built-in 5G Cellular failover facility.

When your fixed line internet goes down, the 90X1 automatically, instantly, and seamlessly switches over to its 5G Cellular connection, ensuring that you remain connected to the internet even during fiber outages.

With the resilience provided by the DataRemote 90X1, you gain the peace of mind that your business continuity will not be affected by unplanned fiber outages.

Bullet-proof Battery Backup

Connect to the internet during power outages with a built-in battery backup.

The DataRemote 90X1 includes an 18-cell backup battery to ensure that power outages don’t matter for your internet. When storms hit or unplanned power outages occur, the 90X1 is programmed to automatically failover to its battery power source.

What does failover mean?

It means that when the main power source goes down, the 90X1 automatically switches to its internal battery as its power source until the mains power is restored.

And thanks to its robust battery capacity, the 90X1 can keep your employees and your business connected to the internet and voice services for up to 48 hours. That kind of reliable internet connectivity can make all the difference in an emergency, where the ability to stay in contact with authorities, customers, and other stakeholders is critical.

Manage your Device Like a Boss

Choose the 90X1 to ensure that voice and all of your other internet services stay online.

DataRemote puts the management of your device/s in your hands and at your fingertips with exclusive access to DataRemote’s exclusive ARA Device Management Software.

ARA is used for provisioning, troubleshooting, monitoring and organizing your DataRemote devices. It is bespoke and is designed to give you complete control over your 90X1.

Some of ARA’s key features include:

  • Full device health information.
  • Internet and Cellular service status
  • LTE/Cellular service signal strength
  • Power status
  • Battery life status

ARA’s Security

DataRemote Ara Device Management Platform for POTS Line Replacement Devices

Built-in security features in ARA ensure that your onboard data is secure at all times. For larger businesses, ARA offers role-based access capabilities so that owners can delegate ARA system monitoring responsibilities easily and with complete peace of mind.

If you enjoy technical details, head on over to the 90X1 product page where you will find a detailed description of all of the key technical features inside the unit.

*POTS Replacement Capable

*The 90X1 is also a POTS replacement device packed with flexible connectivity options catering to diverse communication needs. Click here for more information about this solution.