Ara Device Management Platform

DataRemote Ara Device Management Platform for POTS Line Replacement Devices

Key Features & Benefits

Simplify Device Management

Ara is a Device Management Platform, custom-designed for the provisioning, management, and troubleshooting of all DataRemote devices. It offers robust support and configuration features tailored to DataRemote’s POTS line replacement solutions.

Real-Time Device Access

✔  Always-on connection to devices
✔  Streamlined provisioning and troubleshooting
✔  Live diagnostic tools

Comprehensive RESTful API

✔  Scalable device management and control
✔  Easy provisioning and support system integration
✔  All device configurations accessible via API

Live Notifications for Device Monitoring

✔  Increased operational awareness
✔  Proactive issue resolution
✔  Reduced response time

Advanced Security Features

✔  Role-based user access control
✔  End-to-End encryption
✔  Flexible SSO integration options

Customizable Device Collection Hierarchy

✔  Effortless scalabaility for growing device networks
✔  Flexible grouping for targeted device management
✔  Optimized workflows for specific business needs

Unified User Experience

✔  Remote window into local device UI
✔  Efficient support staff training
✔  Intuitive navigation and control

We’ve Got You Covered

Delivering operational efficiency, cost reduction, and an unparalleled customer experience in a secure solution is the core mission of Ara.

Faster Provisioning

Guarantee provisioning efficiency through Ara’s efficient, accurate, and highly available systems

Fewer & Faster Truck Rolls

Reduce the number of truck rolls, decrease the mean time to repair, and make better-informed technicians

Advanced Monitoring

Monitor network availability, quality of service, FXS registrations, & more with Ara’s API & live notifications

Secure & Reliable

Build trust with Ara, knowing that all data and functionalities are protected, accurate, and reliable

Fewer & Shorter Service Calls

Improve first contact resolution rate, average handling time, and customer satisfaction

Build Add-On Services

Build addon services & products that go beyond Ara’s device management platform with API & live notifications

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