Today’s businesses involve diverse and remote locations and are more dependent on transportation and logistics than ever before. Communicating from these remote locations has become a critical cost-saving measure for local governments, business fleets, utilities and public safety agencies. Whether you have a fleet of 2 or 2000 vehicles, you can dramatically improve performance by knowing where your vehicles are, tracking how they’re used and communicating directly with your mobile workforce in the field.

For every trip, a business’ expenses start accumulating due to inefficient routes, poor dispatching, unnecessary idling, side jobs or having to return to headquarters to communicate data. This inefficiency multiplied by an entire fleet becomes expensive for even the biggest business. Our tracking and telemetry hardware allows you to get valuable insight into you assets and workforce giving you the power to make critical business decisions with actionable real-time and historical data. Combined with the correct tracking software, such as that from our partner WBC Fleet maximizes your operational efficiency by reducing impactful metrics like, off-hours driving, payroll and paid overtime, idle time, accidents and even vehicle theft.

Our transportation solutions provide:

  • Delivery monitoring
  • Cost reductions
  • On-time departure and arrival
  • Increased driver productivity
  • Vehicle maintenance
  • Asset tracking and recovery
  • Accountability
  • Any time communication
  • Vehicle utilization
  • Safety

There are critical operations such as police, fire and emergency services, which require instant reliable communication across multiple networks. DataRemote provides solutions that are secure and flexible enough to meet the future technology needs of the government. Click here for more about our Public Safety Solutions.


Specialized Environments
The Utility world of today relies on increasingly complex communications solutions to operate efficiently and safely. Utilities depend upon timely information for command and control of their various

Manufacturing with Process Control

Specialized Environments
The Manufacturing world of today relies on complex communications solutions to operate efficiently and safely. Manufacturers depend upon timely information in order to operate increasing complex production facilities. . .


Machine-to-machine and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies are changing the way we do business; one area charged with growth is the security sector. DataRemote offers a wide range of solutions. . .

Public Safety

Wireless communication requirements for public safety departments continue to be crucial. These departments require enhanced fleet management and dispatch capabilities, communications between command-and-control and on-the-scene field officers, and real-time access. . .

Mobile Operation

Mobile Operation
DataRemote is helping companies in all verticals develop Internet of Things (IoT) solutions to deliver actionable business intelligence allowing clients to make well informed business decisions that gain. . .

Legacy Network Convergence

Network convergence refers to the provision of telephone, video and data communication services within a single network. In other words, one pathway is used to deliver all forms of communication. . .

Energy Oil and Gas

The oil & gas industry is characterized by remote and inaccessible facilities where wireless communication in many cases is the only viable option for transferring M2M data. Wireless technologies such as. . .

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