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DataRemote is a Cal/Amp award-winning distributor providing a full spectrum of equipment to include: Cellular Routers, Private Radio, Fusion, Vanguard, GPS Devices, Antennas, Telematics, and any WNG / WRN configuration or option. Our experts help each client determine the most cost-effective purchase and our ship-times are the best in the industry. SHOP NOW


We are a dedicated stocking partner for Cal/Amp and we have the most up-to-date solutions to meet your needs. NEED IT NOW – CHECK WITH OUR SALES TEAM FOR DELIVERY TIME ON A SPECIFIC ITEM


We delivery the right products for the right price – with a trained sales staff ready to review your requirements and ensure you obtain the best price available. CHECK PRICE ON A SPECIFIC ITEM WITH OUR SALES TEAM


Our sales and engineering team understands the difference and we sell solutions, to include custom designed packages tailored to your requirements. NEW REQUIREMENT – CHECK WITH OUR ENGINEERING TEAM FOR THE RIGHT SOLUTION


The Leader in POTS line replacement

DataRemote has The solution, simply replace PSTN POTs lines with our CDS-Series (POTS IN A BOX) to create immediate savings and streamline your business infrastructure:

  • Immediate savings (lower cost 40% less per line than analog / PTSN technology)
  • Support for “specialty lines” like Alarm, FAX, Elevator, Fire, E-911, modem data, etc.
  • Increased Point-of-Sale reliability over PTSN lines.  Reduce down time and loss of sales
  • Fail-over capabilities across Cellular, WAN, and WiFi
  • Each CDS-9090 replaces 8 analog phone lines – plug n’ play installation (additional models available to support additional lines)
  • Integral router with 1 WAN / 4 LAN ports
  • Integral WiFi Host (2.4 GHz, 5.0 GHz, 802.11 b/g/n/ac)
  • Fully supported with IP-PBX feature set for VOIP networks
  • Zero maintenance – increased reliability over wire lines
  • Future-proofed against sunsetting PTSN lines – fully programmable for flexibility
  • Monitoring 24/7 for immediate status changes – remotely managed

WBC Fleet

Locating and Tracking Assets in Real Time

Our professional team offers business acumen along with technical skills and qualifications to understand your business and deliver the right solution. We deliver effective, reliable and highly-scalable IT solutions for GPS tracking, fleet management, environmental monitoring, security and industrial control.



DataRemote is the largest North American distributor of Solarbeam International’s solar and battery powered, stand-alone perimeter intruder detections systems. Solarbeam Stealth towers provide patented perimeter protection in the most remote perimeter areas, where protection was not previously affordable. Adding an outer layer of protection provides immediate warning of intruders and creates layered security, enhancing camera systems and manned patrols. These systems can be designed with additional overlapping technologies such as camera video verification and Spotter RF radar.

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