WBC Fleet now supports CalAmp’s Instant Crash Notification™ (ICN) System.

The ICN system fully automates the accident notification process by providing users with rapid and reliable notification that an accident has occurred. This innovative service provides an advanced, reliable, ready to deploy, after market crash solution suited for a broad range of fleet applications. As soon as a crash event is detected, key details are delivered to an authorized list of recipients providing: Precise Location, Date & Time Stamp, Vehicle Identification Number , Telematics Device Unique Identifier.

Fleet managers, law enforcement and insurance providers will have the ability to recreate the accident event using historical data gathered on WBC Fleet.

ICN Compatible Devices:

CalAmp LMU-2630, CalAmp LMU-2730, CalAmp LMU-3030, CalAmp LMU-4200, CalAmp LMU-4520, and CalAmp TTU-2830

Independent Testing of ICN Using the International Insurance Industry Crash Standard Validates System’s Automatic Crash Reporting Performance and Reliability.See the Report HERE